Baylor-Stephens House
310 East 9th Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
This house, along with its neighbors at 306 and 308, was constructed c.1908 for John and Fannie Baylor for investment purposes. John was a prominent citizen of New Albany and served as Floyd County Treasurer for four years, as well as having extensive land holdings throughout the city. Mr. Baylor died in July 1913 and the Baylor family retained ownership of this property until September 1918. The house continued to be used as a rental until June 1931, when it was sold to Albert J. Willis. The Willis family only lived here a short time before selling the house to Leslie and Corinne Hollowell in June 1937. During the Hollowell's residence, a beauty shop also operated out of the house. In 1940, the house became home to Mary Stephens and William and Nettie Bennett. Mary Stephens continued to live here until the early 1980s. The house underwent an extensive rehabilitation in 2010-11; the photo below shows its deteriorated condition prior to rehab.

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Additional Information:
Building Style: Gabled-ell
Year Built: c.1908

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