Louis I. Vernia House
816 Cedar Bough Place
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
Ownership of the lot at 816 Cedar Bough Place changed hands several times before a dwelling was constructed on it.  Mollie Fitzgerald sold the lot to Louis I. Vernia in June 1911 and this house – which combines elements of the Free Classic and Craftsman styles – was built soon after.
Mr. Vernia was employed by the Southern Railroad as a freight and passenger agent and yardmaster for fifty-nine years.  When he finally retired from the company in 1950, he was the oldest employee in the entire Southern system.  He was also the last of seven brothers who began their careers with the railroads.  Louis and his wife Agnes, who were married sixty years, were members of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in downtown New Albany, and Mr. Vernia was also a member of the Floyd County Council.  Mrs. Vernia passed away in November 1960 at the age of 83.  Louis remained in the house until shortly before his death in December 1965, ending almost 55 years of residency by the Vernia family.

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Additional Information:
Building Style: bungalow/Free Classic
Year Built: 1911

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