Lynd-Wentzell-Mullineaux House
1220 East Elm Street
New Albany, IN 47150

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In September 1894, this property - including the lot and a frame structure - was sold to Staughton B. Lynd by Isabella Boardman for $1700.  The original house was removed and a new house was constructed in the Craftsman style of architecture.  The home was finished in 1895 by Stephen Day, a very popular New Albany contractor, at a cost of $1200.

Staughton was first listed in the 1895 New Albany City Directory as living here, with his occupation being listed as being involved in New Albany banking.  The Lynds lived in the house though 1904 before removing to Silver Hills, and by 1905 the house was rented to Charles Allen Prosser, teacher at New Albany High School and later superintendent of the New Albany City Schools.  Mr. Prosser would eventually come to be known as the Father of Vocational Education in America due to his thirty-one years of leadership at the Dunwoody Institute at Minneapolis, where many of today’s vocational-training concepts were shaped.

Mr. Lynd eventually sold the home to William A. Wentzell in October 1907 for $3,000.  This began a long tenure of residency for the Wentzell family that lasted 45 years.  Mr. Wentzell was vice-president of the Tobacco Rehandling Company of Louisville, which his father founded in 1873. William and his wife Emily had married in 1897 and had six children.  Mrs. Wentzell died in the home on March 11, 1926 and two years later, William married Mary E. Morgan.  Mamie, as she was known, was secretary of the old Kentucky School of Medicine and later the School of Medicine at U of L.  At the age of 60 years, Mrs. Wentzell passed away on March 17, 1934, leaving Mr. Wentzell a widower for the remaining 15 years of his life. 

Miss Emily J. Wentzell, daughter of William and Emily, remained in the house after the death of her father at the age of 80 years in August 1949.  She sold the property in July 1952 to Lawrence Ferber.

By November 1954, the George A. Mullineaux family had purchased the home, and continued to own it until about 2008. Mr. Mullineaux was secretary and treasurer of the Mullineaux Funeral Home, located directly to the south of the property. The photo below appears to show the home around the 1960s, during the Mullineaux ownership.

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Building Style: Craftsman
Year Built: 1895

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