Parker-Dupaquier House
1009 East Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
Originally known as 272 Spring Street, the first mention of this property appears in city records in October of 1867, when a Mrs. Susan C. Parker bought it from Ms. Margaret E. Townsend for $2000.  Since then, this home has seen many events and hosted a wide assortment of residents.
Despite the 1867 date, neither the Parkers nor the Townsends had a house listed in the New Albany City Directory until 1886 under James R. Parker.  Mr. Parker married Susan Stewart on October 9, 1850 and held a soliciting position.  The Parkers remained listed at this address until 1893, when Susan sold this property to William Town for $2700. 
The Towns did not keep this property long before selling it to Emile Dupaquier in May of 1897 for $2000.  Mr. Dupaquier sold insurance for the Mutual Life Insurance Company and then became an agent for the Equitable Life Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa.  The house was under his name until 1910 and then again from 1915 to 1918.  The property remained in the Dupaquier family with Malinda Dupaquier. Malinda kept the property until June of 1941, when she then sold it to Fred W. Saam.
Mr. and Mrs. Saam did not stay at 1009 East Spring Street for long. John Cooper had the property from 1943 to 1947.  However, the property remained with the Coopers through Mrs. Mary Copper from 1949 to 1958.
In 1959, Mrs. Eliz Wiseman moved in until 1973.  She was a nurse, and, like many of the property owners before her, she took in boarders.  In 1969, the City Directory first listed her as the owner of 1009 East Spring Street.
In 1974, Sam R. Caudill is listed as the new owner.  In 1977, for the first time the house is listed as having separate apartments.  It remains as a three- or four-unit dwelling until present day. 

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Additional Information:
Building Style: upright and wing
Year Built: c.1885

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