Fitzgerald-Huckeby House
813 Cedar Bough Place
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
This is a two-story, frame gabled-ell dwelling with Queen Anne influences, constructed in 1902. Edwin H. Fitzgerald and family originally occupied this dwelling in the early twentieth century. New Albany city directories list a variety of occupants in this dwelling from 1911 through the 1920s, including John Jacoby, Frank J. Parrish, Pulaski Stealey, and George Krementz. Occupants also included Henry Hild, a salesman with the Henry Scott Seed Co., and school teacher Kate Huckeby. The dwelling remained in the ownership of the Huckeby family from ca. 1925 to ca. 1947. The house then became the home of Walter Sieveking, a boilermaker, construction worker, and painter. It was later owned by Judge Robert Hublar. The photo below shows the house in 1974.

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Additional Information:
Building Style: gabled ell
Year Built: 1902

Photo Gallery:

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