United Gas and Electric Company
138 East Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
Built on the burned-out site of the L. Hartman Flour, Seed and Grain Store, this building was constructed in 1905. The photo on the right below shows the building about five years after it was completed. The United Gas & Electric Company initially leased the building, then purchased it in 1919.

Through the years the building housed many other service companies in addition to UG & EC, including Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Company, Interurban Express Company (a streetcar is visible in the alley next to the building in the circa 1910 photo below), New Albany Water Works Company, and New Albany Street Railroad Company.

Seen in 1974 in the other photo below, the building was rehabbed in 1977 to accomodate offices for the architectural firm of Walker, Applegate, Oakes and Ritz, and was rehabbed again around 2011.

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Additional Information:
Building Style: Neoclassical
Year Built: 1905

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