Phelps-Day-Shrader House
1515 East Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Listing Description:
Little is known about the earliest years of this c.1885 home, but by 1901, Cavalla W. Phelps, a travel agent with the New Albany Hosiery Mills was living here. Phelps continued to reside in this location through 1916. 
Dentist Frank E. Day, and later Cook Day, an engineer, were residents of the home from 1917 through 1924.
By 1925, Mrs. Clara Shrader was residing here, followed by John W. Shrader in 1929 through 1938.  Mr. Shrader’s occupation was listed as “carpenter” in the New Albany City Directory.
During the late 1930s through the late 1940s, J. Fred Tinius lived here. He also operated his upholstery business out of the house. 

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Additional Information:
Building Style: gable front
Year Built: c.1885